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It was great to have Sherry Gaba here with us at St. Leo University, I have never seen our students as riveted and attentive and engaged as they were with a speaker. We were really happy to have her. We had been looking forward to having her here all year long and we hope she will have time in her schedule to visit us again. It was a really worthwhile session.

Dr. Mary Spoto Dean at Saint Leo University February 9, 2016

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I was so inspired by Sherry Gaba’s talk about metaphysics and how energy is everything. I think this was very helpful for students and in fact, she helped me ground the knowledge I have tried to bring to students already for some time now. When she talked about her personal experiences as well as her experiences in her work, this was very helpful to the students.

Dr. Veronika Ospina-Kammerer MSW Professor at Saint Leo University February 9, 2016

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I want to personally thank Sherry Gaba for coming out and sharing her experience, strength and hope for our two year Not One More anniversary celebration. Sherry has an uncanny and extremely inspiring presentation where she is able to naturally bond with the crowd and her soft and gentle approach makes it easy for people to relate to her. Sherry had a profound effect on the audience and the feedback received was amazing. I recommend Sherry speaking for any audience from adolescents to college students to family members alike.

John Poleno CDC Board Member, Not One More February 9, 2016

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The BRM Network sponsored Sherry as a speaker at the 2014 Foundations Innovations event. Sherry was an excellent presenter and her topic “The Metaphysics of Recovery” was well received. Sherry sparked a lot of follow up and was not only informative but interactive and eye opening.

Her book really addresses the next phase issues associated with long term recovery and how to keep growing as an individual and keep achieving your goals. I would highly recommend her for any media platform as she is a professional, well-spoken and a genuinely great person to be around. We will be working with her again on future projects.

John Raymond CAC, BRI-1 February 9, 2016

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