Heartbreak / Love Addiction

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Are you forever in search of Mr. or Mrs. Right?
Is it hard to sustain loving relationships?
Does the idea of being alone feel unbearable?

If you have suffered in your love relationships and find yourself repeating unhealthy patterns of desperation and loss or divorce, love addiction coaching can help.

My name is Sherry Gabba. I’m a recognized expert on love addiction and I want to help you undo your love addiction and take back your life.  Over the years, I have counseled thousands of people just like you work through heartbreak and break the pattern of obsessive love.

You may not know that love is addictive.  When you are in love, your brain reacts with a hormone called Oxytocin.  Love addiction is just as real as any other addiction. It’s easy to get addicted to the “high” that love creates.

This compulsion combined with low self esteem, unrealistic beliefs about “perfect love,” and seeking to fulfill your needs with others creates a dangerous pattern that leads to heartache and heartbreak. This can cause you to feel desperate for your next “love fix” and make poor choices with love, romance, or sex to fulfill it.

As a therapist and love addiction coach, I can help you:

– Discover what healthy love and intimacy looks like

– Take an honest look at your behavior and beliefs

– Release past trauma or abuse that is affecting you

– Find any recurring patterns in the partners you choose

– Learn to truly love yourself so you never feel clingy, needy, or desperate again

– Stand up for yourself and set healthy boundaries

– Feel more confident so you don’t need others to affirm you

– Make a personal plan for your recovery process

– Avoid another divorce

If you find yourself searching endlessly for that special someone only to be disappointed, find out if you are a “love addict” by taking this quiz.

Ready To Find The Healthy Intimacy And Love You Deserve?

If you feel you may have a problem with love addiction, let’s set up a time to talk about your situation and how I can help.

I offer love addiction coaching nationwide to clients over the telephone or via Skype. I want to help you end the cycle of fear, pain and suffering for good.

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Narcissistic Partners and Love Addiction
Free ebook

Do you find yourself in a difficult relationship?  Do you find nothing pleases him or her know matter how much you give?  Are you walking on egg shells?  Do you feel like your are on an emotional roller coaster filled with self-doubt, anxiety, guilt, and confusion?  You may be a victim of loving a narcissist.

Understanding the complex issues love addiction and the relationship to narcissism is an important part of breaking the cycle and finding healthy, positive relationships in the future. If you find yourself in a relationship with a narcissist get my free eBook "Narcissistic Partners and Love Addiction".