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The Digital Drug programAlthough there are a multitude of ways to get sober whether you attend rehab or go to 12-step meetings, there are other techniques to aid you in letting go of your addictions and obsessions or to help you in your recovery process.

Now there is something else you can add to your repertoire of healing aids and that’s where The Digital Drug comes in… Binaural beats are subliminal beats with music that help eliminate the desire for drugs and or alcohol.

Beach CoupleBinaural beats have shown to have great success in helping millions let go of their addictions. However, addictions are just the symptom. What about what’s under the addictions and obsessions such as trauma, stress, anxiety, depression, shame, and fear.

These issues are what are underneath the addictions, obsessions or abuse and although a 12-step program can be a great start, adding additional techniques can be effective in making the recovery process more peaceful and serene.

Hidden Subliminal Messages

The Hidden Subliminal Messages in this Audio CD are compromised of ultrasonic frequencies that are on a subconscious level. The only thing you will hear is the ethereal musical tracks mixed with environmental soundscapes.

This programming will take root deep within your subconscious mind where the addiction or obsessions exists.

When one abuses, obsesses or is addicted to drugs and alcohol, it is a feeling of un-manageability and feeling out of control. You mind and body has taken on a life of their own and logic goes out the window.

You want to stop your abuse, addiction or obsession and “feel happy, joyous, and free” and you say next time will be different, but it never is. Or you are going to 12 step meetings, have a sponsor, and may even be in therapy, but you are un-comfortable in your own skin. You are still feeling empty, frustrated and exhausted.

Addiction or Obsession is a Brain Disease

The problem with many of the processes that deal with addiction and obsessions is that they don’t directly deal with your mind. Unless you change your conscious mind, as well as your subconscious mind, it’s going to be nearly impossible to change behaviors permanently.

You have to make a major change in order to break the habits that are binding you.

Binaural Beats is the Solution

You know your thoughts are what create your reality but how do you get rid of those negative thought patterns that live in your head rent free? Listening to certain subliminal binaural beats for addiction actually changes the negative frequencies of your mind and stimulates your subconscious.

You are re-wiring your mind to make room for positive thought patterns eliminating the negative ones that have been playing havoc on your mind.

Just like you would be committed to mediation, yoga, or a 12-step meeting schedule, it is important to be consistent and committed with your Subliminal Binaural Beats program. It is imperative you listen to the binaural beats daily or even more then once a day when those nasty negative thoughts or cravings are effecting you.

If you continue to send positive frequencies into your brain, you will eliminate many of the negative thought patterns that fuel your addictions and obsessions ending up with a clear consciousness and a fulfilling life.

What are subliminal messages? How do they work?

Couple meditating on beach“Subliminal” means that you cannot consciously hear any suggestions. Like hypnosis, subliminal messages enter the conscious mind penetrating deep into the subconscious bypassing the conscious mind. Your subconscious mind will quickly absorb these ultrasonic frequencies, and you will react to these messages almost immediately.

Binaural beats are safe, natural, affordable and are an effective way to eliminate your addictions and obsessions and if you are already clean and sober, a great tool to add to your recovery program.

Subliminal Messages are a highly effective method of influencing thought. Scientists have proven their effectiveness for many years.

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