Deepak ChopraIn our work on VH1's Celebrity Rehab, I've seen the amazing connections Sherry makes with those who are so terribly disconnected from others and themselves. But you don't have to be a celebrity in recovery to benefit from her years of training and experience. Sherry provides a road map for rising above negativity and thinking of yourself, your life, and your purpose in new and inspiring ways.

Drew Pinsky, M.D. January 30, 2016

Deepak ChopraSherry Gaba's book, The Law of Infinite Recovery, is a masterpiece. It will help millions of people who are struggling in recovery. I recommend this book to everyone who wants to lead a sober, sane and creative life.

Deepak Chopra Author of Reinventing the Body, Resurrecting the Soul January 30, 2016

I wanted to take time to acknowledge your outstanding presentation for the Alcohol and Other Drugs Awareness Hour. There were many wonderful comments from the attendees; it is very apparent that you touched many hearts.

Jerry McDonald National Business Development Representative, Betty Ford Center February 9, 2016

I wanted to let you know that I ran that same meditation you took us through at the conference for a men's spirituality education group last night. It was a BIG HIT!!! Some of the clients said they really appreciated the positive affirmations and group was awesome. I photo copied pg. 56 + 57 and gave it to them as a handout. One client asked where I got it so I showed him your book and he said he will be ordering it.

The group is Intensive Out Patient with client's sobriety time ranging from 1 week to over 1 year. There were 6 client's, another staff member and one intern that sat in the group last night, they also gave positive feedback for the content of the group.

Ivan Yoshida CAADE February 9, 2016

Sherry Gaba's presentation on Metaphysics Meets Recovery was both inspiring and filled with great information. She shared her experience as an addiction specialist and how changes can be made by combining positive affirmations with the right actions. Sherry has exceptional presentation skills, and she fully engages her audience. Her energy and authenticity shine through.

Alice Richardson MA Clinical Training & Professional Development Coordinator, Encino Graduate Campus, Graduate School of Education and Psychology, Pepperdine University February 9, 2016

Sherry Gaba has done a phenomenal job with her book on the Law of Sobriety. For those of us who adhere to a 12-step program and enjoy metaphysical teachings, Sherry has pulled both concepts together into a book that lays it out so that a person can effectively incorporate both concepts into their life with ease. Her experiences as a therapist and life coach have made her an excellent teacher when she speaks to others on her philosophy surrounding The Law of Infinite Recovery.

Linda Morgan Community Outreach Liaison, Oklahoma Outreach Services & Four Winds Ranch Recovery Center; Serenity through Sobriety February 9, 2016

THANK YOU! Your presentation at the Self and Family Conference was a welcome treat. Your attractiveness, and spirited presentation style were a very pleasant change from the run of the mill presentation. You overcame the technical problems with a flare of showmanship that I believe must come naturally. I am already using The Law in my clinical work here at The New Mexico Behavioral Health Institute.

Thanks for the wonderful gift of connection you made possible through expounding on your own skill. I will be back in touch with questions. Not only a great voice for single moms, you are a leader of women in a tough, tough field. Thanks for coming to Santa Fe.

Richard Van Scoyk DOH February 9, 2016

JessicaI recently had the pleasure of attending Sherry Gaba's presentation, Metaphysics Meets Recovery at Pepperdine University. Ms. Gaba's presentation was intriguing, informative, and refreshing. Her style was professional, yet genuine and compassionate. I loved the way she blended the principles of the Law of Attraction in order to help those struggling with substance abuse.
Since substance abuse is such a devastating, critical problem in our society, it is definitely time for a fresh, new approach, and that is exactly what Sherry Gaba presents. I believe Ms. Gaba has found a profoundly meaningful way to reach this population.

I was so moved by this presentation, that I was actually inspired to apply the strategies Ms. Gaba was proposing, by utilizing them in my own life. I had just started a private practice but was not getting any calls. I reflected on what Ms. Gaba had proposed about utilizing positive affirmations, so I decided that I would begin to allow clients to find me and this became my new mantra. Low and behold, my phone started ringing and I had four potential clients within a few days!

This is a great example of how you can combine tenets of CBT with the Law of Attraction in order to change one's thought patterns to be open to positive outcomes, and turn them into a reality. If these strategies can be implemented with people who are addicted to drugs/alcohol, it offers much needed new hope to so many struggling with this disease.

I am very much looking forward to reading her book and I am so grateful I had an opportunity to attend Ms. Gaba's presentation. It is not only a great resource for people struggling with addiction, but also for mental health professionals as well. She is doing great work!

Jessica Hupf M.A., MFT Intern February 9, 2016

Our membership evaluated your presentation highly and appreciated how well you presented your information and your insight on the subject. Personally, I was really impressed by the many examples you shared and how powerful your therapy is at changing lives to be more positive and productive.

Alice Richardson VP Programs, Ventura County Chapter, CAMFT February 9, 2016

I am pleased to write an endorsement of Sherry Gaba as a campus speaker for college-based audiences and I recommend her to you if you are considering an enlightened, engaging speaker with a strong message who relates well to college students. Sherry spoke at Saint Leo University as part of our Speaker Series and she did a marvelous job relating to our students and faculty and to the general public who attended her presentation.

Sherry Gaba brings her real world experiences to life for her audiences in a manner that is open and not condescending. Rather, she reveals her background and how her actions as a young woman resulted in consequences that put her in a place where she had to strive to regain a semblance of balance in her life and focus her goals to survive in a challenging world.

Sherry's message resonated with our students, many who experiencing the same sort of life events as she did when she was in college. The message is powerful and can help college-age women avoid many of the negative consequences of irresponsible decisions about alcohol, other drugs, relationships and life in general.

Sherry Gaba is an energetic, engaging speaker with a valuable message. I heartily recommend her to you.

David Persky, Ph.D., J.D Professor of Criminal Justice/Speaker Series Representative, Saint Leo University February 9, 2016

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