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Is Your Early Trauma Picking Your Partners?

August 10, 2021

Most people have had at least one bad relationship in their life. For most individuals, this bad relationship was a blip on the radar, with the experience chalked up to a lesson learned. However, there are also people who find…

Coping With Isolation

March 29, 2020

Four Tips For Addicts During The Coronavirus Everyone is struggling to develop new skills and options for managing day to day life in these trying times. The unknown factors and the known issues with the coronavirus create a lot of…

Is Love Addiction the Same as Sex Addiction

July 21, 2017

Are sex addiction and love addiction the same thing? No! sex addicts are addicted to the sexual experience. The goal is orgasm. Emotional intimacy is not important. Many professionals believe that the preoccupation with sex is an attempt to avoid…