Christy Whitman

March 27, 2015

ChristyChristy Whitman is a true inspiration in every sense of the word. She is a consummate teacher, coach and motivator who has lived the very changes that she talks about in her educational and personal development programs.

Christy focuses her expertise on helping people to understand how to harness the power of the Universal Laws to manifest your desires rather than simply going through life and taking whatever is offered.

A wife, business owner and leader, mother to two young boys and a frequent speaker and presenter, Christy really does live the very strategies that she teaches to others. She is fun, upbeat and positive and a genuinely compassionate woman who can provide anyone with the tools they need to tap into the Universal Laws and create the world they have always wanted. Her first book “Picture Perfect” became an overnight sensation with a very powerful impact on readers.

With online courses, books, seminars and coaching programs participants in her programs see the results they may have only thought possible in their dreams. Her areas of focus include creating abundance, manifesting your soulmate, and creating an ideal body through changing your inner being. She has also trained over 300 Law of Attraction coaches and provides information, education and services to over 125,000 people each month.

Learning how to love and how to develop at a personal level is at the heart of everything that Katherine Woodward Thomas believes in. As a highly recognized speaker, author, teacher and relationship expert she has influenced the lives of hundreds of thousands of people around the world through her in-person trainings as well as her leadership in virtual learning communities.

Ms. Woodward Thomas is the author of the bestseller “Calling In “The One”and has also co-created a 7 week online course of the same one. She is the creator of Conscious Uncoupling 5 Week Process and the Feminine Power Online courses. A jazz singer, Ms. Woodward Thomas is currently working on her first CD which is to be appropriately titled Lucky in Love.

In addition to being one of the founders of Evolving Wisdom, an award-winning transformative education company, she is a life coach, teacher and psychotherapist. She was also one of the initiating forces behind the Women on the Edge of Evolution teleseries that has been viewed worldwide. This led her to be asked to speak at the United Nations on the topic of feminine power in transition.

Listening to Katherine Woodward Thomas will provide you with inspiration, motivation and empowerment to be able to create a loving, liberated and purposeful life.

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