Life Coaching / Recovery Coaching

Life coaching is not about fixing or healing a problem but rather helping a client get out of their comfort zone. It is the transformation of creating a future self with the guidance of a Life Coach paving the way so clients reach a life full of purpose and fulfillment.
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Relationship and Dating Coaching with a Specialty in Love Addiction

Are you forever in search of Mr. or Mrs. Right? Is it hard to sustain loving relationships? Does the idea of being alone feel unbearable? If you have suffered in your love relationships and find yourself repeating unhealthy patterns of desperation and loss or divorce, love addiction coaching can help.
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Codependency Coaching

Do you feel responsible for the feelings and behaviors of other people? Do you determine how you respond and feel about yourself based on fear of being hurt or rejected by others?If you spend enormous energy trying to please others and control the relationship and environment, codependency coaching can help.
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Media Coaching

I am here to assist you through years of experience on how to become a media expert.
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video coaching

Registered Therapy Provider,Video Sessions

Why Choose a Video Session?

There are lots of reasons you might prefer to see me via video rather than in my office. Most obvious being you don’t live in LA! Or maybe you do live in LA, but your schedule won’t allow time for you to fight the traffic and make it to my office.

Perhaps there’s some other reason you can’t come to my office like illness or disability. Regardless of why, video sessions are an option for you.

We Can Still See Each Other

Video sessions can provide the same benefits as in-person therapy and even some additional ones as well. Since we’re using video, we can still see each other. This means we still have the full scope of facial expressions and body language that would be missing from a phone session.

And via video, you allow me a window into your world. Now I have access to what your regular environment looks like, which can bring our relationship to an even deeper and more effective space.

How to Access Video Sessions

We can use Face Time, Skype or Zoom.

Contact me today to get started with video sessions!

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