Derek O’Neill

March 25, 2015

DerekAs a Master Black Belt in martial arts as well as being an internationally recognized motivational speaker and author, Derek O’Neill brings an interesting mixture of background experience into everything he does.

Derek is a psychotherapist and the developer of transformational therapy in addition to his other many accomplishments. He works one-on-one and in leading workshops and spiritual retreats for business leaders, stars, politicians and other professionals. He is also a philanthropist, working tirelessly to help people to achieve their full potential through tapping to their own abilities and creating a positive life.

Derek O’Neill believes that the fears and challenges that we face in life can be transformed into strength and wisdom which is what we need to achieve our own goals. Through his work as a hypnotherapists and psychotherapists he understands the power of the mind in not only attracting positive things to life but in creating a balance in life that brings about personal satisfaction and true joy in living.

Derek O’Neill has authored several books including “More Truth Will Set You Free”, the “Building your Future Workbook” and several books on specific issues from relationships to happiness.

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