Don Jose Ruiz

March 25, 2015

Don Jose RuizDon Jose Ruiz is a truly inspiring and amazing individual. Born in Mexico City he moved to the United States with his father, don Miguel Ruiz, when he was 21. From early childhood don Jose Ruiz was able to see the world for the way it is, with a love and appreciation for all that surrounded him.

In his early twenties, don Jose Ruiz lost his eyesight, but he also learned how to listen and how to use his own internal wisdom to understanding different perspectives. Instead of listening in judgment, he listened to accept, learn and develop a true sense of gratitude for the world around him.

Later in life, through faith and medicine, his eyesight was restored. However, the valuable experiences and truths he learned through the loss of his eyesight were more profound than ever. With his father, don Jose Ruiz, he has authored books that combine the Toltec wisdom with everyday life concepts that develop a deeper understanding of love and truth.

His books, “The Four Agreements” and “The Fifth Agreement” take the reader on a journey to discover who we truly are. You will learn what inspires you and how you can use this information to create a positive life.

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