Ester Nicholson

March 27, 2015

EsterEster Nicholson is a powerful speaker, teacher, author and musician who has a deeply personal insight into the world of spiritual recovery. Over 25 years ago Ms. Nicholson found herself a young teenage woman with a baby, a history of abusive relationships and addictions to crack and food.

Through an amazing transformation that started with recognizing the truth, she freed herself from addictions, poor relationship choices, and poor decision in life. By writing about her experience in her book “Soul Recovery – 12 Keys to Healing Addiction”, Ms. Nicholson has provided a guide for others that wish to improve their life by changing the way that they see themselves, the world around them. This starts by examining and healing what she terms the “core wounds” that drive behaviors and beliefs in every individual.

Combining personal accountability with metaphysical principles and practices, the knowledge and experience that Ester Nicholson brings to the forefront for her audiences will change the way you see yourself. You will gain personal insight that allows you to truly make positive changes.

This doesn’t mean relying on external forces but is instead completely focused on the internal. The result is an approach to life that will resonate with anyone desiring to continue their spiritual and personal growth.

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