Ethlie Ann Vare

March 25, 2015

EthlieAs a lecturer, screenwriter, author and playwright as well as a producer, Ethlie Ann Vare requires little in the way of introduction. She was well known for her work as a rock journalist as well as her television presence on E! Entertainment Television. She also has a serious side and is an award-winning historian with a focus on women inventors, and in this capacity she speaks on campuses across the country.

However, it is her amazing ability to detail the reality of love addiction in her book, appropriately titled “Love Addict: Sex, Romance and Other Dangerous Drugs”, which has really brought her to the forefront in the world of love addiction. Intense and information-packed this book explores the reality of love addiction in a way that will resonate deeply with anyone that struggles with love addiction and toxic relationships.

With her own experience in drug addiction as well as love addiction, Ethlie Ann Vare brings a personal look and more than just a bit of humor into uncovering the reality of addiction. Through research studies and insight from top therapists on love addiction the book is not just a story, and far from a textbook, but it is an essential read.

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