codepend2.jpgA codependent person will have a very specific pattern of behavior that will develop slowly or more rapidly over time. If you have had a codependency issue in the past, recognizing the signs of a codependent person can be very helpful in getting out of a potentially damaging and even dangerous relationship to your healing and recovery.

There are many different types of people who may be codependent. They can be alcoholics or drug abusers, but they can also be CEOs, professionals and the people you would meet at your church or at any event in your community.

Often, to complicate the issue, the behaviors they exhibit at the beginning of the relationship may seem relatively harmless or even flattering, but this will change as they become more clingy, more oppressive or more controlling as the days and weeks go by.

Concerning Behaviors

Codependent people can all have slightly different behaviors, but watch for signs of a new relationship where the other person:

  • Needs to know where you are at all times and be with you
  • Sends constant text messages, phone calls or spends time on your social media sites just to track your interactions with others
  • Lacks the ability to trust you and may show up unexpectedly at your work, when you are out with friends or even out in the community
  • Needs constant approval, reassurance and recognition
  • Talks about a fear of being alone, being left or being abandoned
  • Refuses to take no for an answer
  • Dislikes and actively talks negatively about your friends
  • Talks about love and relationship issues too soon in the dating process
  •  Has difficulty with anger issues or wants to control the relationship
  • Uses sex as a way to main the relationship

If you have been in a codependent relationship, you are at risk for entering into another one unless you have the help and support to address the underlying issues. Getting help with counseling or therapy is the first step in ensuring your next relationship will be a positive, healthy and mutually satisfying one.