Media Expert Quiz

Take this Quiz to see how "media ready" you are and the steps you can take to become a highly sought after expert for what you do.

Answer the following 10 questions by jotting down your answers on a piece of paper or in a text document on your computer.

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  1. Are the clients you currently work with at the level of clients you desire?
    1. Yes, I attract high-end clients who are eager to work with me.
    2. No, I'm attracting lower-end clients who don't have the funds for my services/programs.
  2. Do you dream of being on a national TV program as a big expert?
    1. Yes, I'd love to hop on a plane for an interview on Good Morning America, the Today Show, or some other big TV show.
    2. No, I'd be terrified to be on national TV and wouldn't know what to say in an interview.
  3. Do you have a rock star social media presence that drives engagement and sales?
    1. Yes, I am happy with my Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter presence and get lots of Likes, Shares, and Sales from my social media.
    2. No, I wish I knew how to create high-value content and drive more engagement. Plus I'd love to get more followers on my social media platforms.
  4. Have you ever been quoted in a newspaper article, magazine, or in a book about your expertise?
    1. Yes, I am quoted in a major outlet or publication.
    2. No, but I'd love to be more media-ready so reporters see me as a go-to expert.
  5. Do you have enough time to spend marketing your business daily?
    1. Yes, I spend time promoting my business and nurturing my contacts every day.
    2. No, I am overwhelmed and overworked and would love tips on how to get it all done.
  6. Are you happy with your website traffic?
    1. Yes, I am very happy with the traffic to my site.
    2. No, I would love to know secrets to getting more website visitors.
  7. Are you known as the go-to expert in your industry with a clearly defined niche?
    1. Yes, people know me as a top guru in my field.
    2. No, I do a few things and haven't really branded myself strongly in one niche.

Now tally your results. How many questions did you answer yes to?

Total "Yes" Answers: