Melody Beattie

March 25, 2015

MelodyLife experiences and observations coupled with research forms the core of the insights and wisdom that Melody Beattie provides. By combining her life experiences with the ability to generate empowerment or the ability to give yourself permission to excel, she is able to inspire, motivate and provide insight in a way that is gentle and understanding.

As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse living in a home with a codependent mother, Melody Beattie developed an alcohol and drug addiction while still in her early teens. After being arrested several times she had a spiritual awakening and entered into an eight-month treatment program. Years later, after discovering her husband had a drinking problem she turned to her writing and research to learn all she could about codependency and became a respected expert on the subject.

Melody Beattie has written several books including Make Miracles in Forty Days, Codependent No More, Beyond Codependency and The Language of Letting Go. Other books she has authored include Playing It By Heart, The Lessons of Love, Finding Your Way Home, The Grief Club, Gratitude and Choices.

Far from being just great reading, these books provide step by step guides and exercises to help those to help themselves, which is why they are so highly recommended and featured in prominent national publications.

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