Trauma Counseling & Trauma Therapy

Discover How You Can Put Trauma in Its Proper Place, the Past, and Start Moving Forward Again in Your Relationships and Life

“Why do I keep repeating the same relationship patterns over and over again?” “Why do I keep feeling and reacting the way I do?!?”

If you’re asking yourself questions like these, you may be dealing with some sort of unresolved trauma … and you’re far from alone.

Over the past couple of decades, I’ve helped countless clients not only answer these types of questions, but learn to change the behavioral and relationship patterns that have left them feeling stuck for so long. And I can help you, too!

Of course, we’re all unique individuals. None of us have the exact same problems, let alone the same feelings, reactions, or issues underlying them.

However, if you’re struggling with anxiety, stress, or depression, or feel trapped in an unhealthy, narcissistic or toxic relationship, there’s a good chance that the difficulties you’re experiencing are related (at least in part) to defense mechanisms you’ve developed in the past to protect yourself from some sort of trauma.

Now, I know “trauma” can be a rather loaded term.

Most people think of trauma as something that results from an extraordinarily stressful or life-threatening event, such as surviving an accident, criminal assault, disaster, or some sort of childhood physical or sexual abuse.

What many don’t realize is that ANY experience that shatters your sense of safety and leaves you feeling overwhelmed, helpless, and alone can be traumatic.

This is why emotional neglect or abandonment by a parent, bullying from siblings and peers, and even repeatedly being told that as a child that “you’re not good enough” or “you always mess things up” can be just as traumatic as a threat to your physical safety.

Trauma isn’t objective. It’s an extremely subjective experience.

In other words, the severity of a traumatic experience depends wholly on our reaction to an event and not the event itself.

When looked at in this light, it’s safe to say that a LOT of us, perhaps most of us, experienced some sort of trauma in our childhoods.

Trauma isn’t atypical. In fact, it’s actually more the norm.

But none of this makes trauma any easier to deal with or overcome.

Regardless of its cause or source, trauma can shatter your sense of self and your ability to feel safe and trust others.

Trauma causes us to stuff or numb our feelings and retreat from others in order to protect ourselves from pain.

Yet keeping an emotional lid in place becomes more and more difficult over time. And defense mechanisms, such as being emotionally distant, hyper-vigilant, or numbing our feelings cause problems of their own.

This is why childhood emotional traumas end up playing such a significant role in the anxiety, stress, depression, codependency and relationship difficulties we experience in our adult lives.

So, what can you do?

Well, first and foremost, you need to stop struggling in silence and get the help you need and deserve.

Fortunately, help is available!

Why Trauma Counseling & Trauma Therapy

If you’ve experienced any type of trauma, I know how much courage it can take to get help.

When you don’t feel safe … when you’ve been betrayed or hurt by the people you trusted and loved, just the idea of opening up and being vulnerable with another person can be an intimidating proposition.

However, if you want to overcome anxiety and depression, break free from the cycle of unhealthy, toxic relationships and narcissistic abuse, and move forward again in your relationships and life, then you need to do the work necessary to heal the wounds that have become trapped in your nervous system and free yourself to create the relationships and life you truly love.

This is precisely what trauma counseling and trauma therapy can help you do!

Of course there are a lot of different therapeutic approaches to treating trauma, and for good reason …

None of us have had the exact same experiences. We all have different strengths and weaknesses. And we all react to and process trauma in different ways.

This is why I draw on a wide variety of therapeutic orientations and techniques – including both conventional and alternative approaches, such as Mindfulness Therapy, Somatic Experiencing, and Polyvagal Therapy – to help you stay calm, grounded and centered as you:

  • Put an end to the hyper-vigilance that always keeps you on edge;
  • Release pent-up “fight-or-flight” energy and regulate overwhelming feelings;
  • Better understand and express your emotions in your current relationships;
  • Process and resolve traumatic feelings and memories;
  • Re-establish trust in others and yourself; and
  • Overcome the self-doubt that is sabotaging your ability to live life to its fullest potential.

It’s also important to note that trauma gets stored in our bodies, as much as it does in our minds. This makes perfect sense when you think about it …

When we face a threatening situation, the first thing we tend to do is tense up as we prepare to defend ourselves or flee.

And if we’re unable to effectively process the traumatic experience, then those traumatic muscle memories remain long after the traumatic event has passed.

The good news is that those muscle memories also provide us with a way to help you access, process and heal from traumatic events without having to relive or re-experience the events themselves, which is why somatic, body-oriented therapy and mindfulness practices make up a vital component in the trauma treatment services I provide.

Are Trauma Counseling & Trauma Therapy Right for You?

While successfully confronting, coping with, and moving beyond traumatic experiences can take a good deal of effort, the various somatic, body- and energy-oriented psychotherapy and mindfulness techniques I provide can help you develop the resources and skills you need to heal, restore your sense of self, and move forward in your relationships and life with confidence and optimism … often in much less time than you may think!

While only you can decide whether or not trauma counseling and therapy are right for you, I’d encourage you to ask yourself …

How long have you been struggling with anxiety, depression, or unhealthy relationships?

What would it be worth to you to no longer feel the way you do … to finally break free from the thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that are keeping you stuck in the past?

What do you have to lose by getting professional help?

If you’re ready to explore who you are and why you feel and react the way you do, and create the positive, lasting changes in your relationships and life you desire and deserve, I can help.

You don’t need to keep suffering in silence … you’ve suffered long enough!

Contact me today, schedule an initial consultation, ask any questions you have, and learn how you can finally put trauma in its proper place, the past, so you can start moving forward again and create the relationships and life you truly love.

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