Panache Desai

March 25, 2015

PanacheAt the heart of all of the teaching and writing of Panache Desai is the deep-rooted belief that authenticity and being true to yourself is the way to find self-love and get rid of negative judgments you have been imposing on yourself.

Born in London, it was in his final year at university that Panache Desai embarked on a quest. For six months he meditated and prayed, and then went out into the world to work with spiritual teachers and leaders. Through these interactions, he continued to grow and came to understand that any person’s potential is infinite and can only be limited by the ways we choose to limit it.

Panache Desai has written a guide book, appropriately titled, “Discovering Your Soul Signature: A 33 Day Path to Purpose, Passion & Joy”. Along with this book, there is also a 33-day online calendar that identifies one focus area per day that people need to examine and understand on a deeply personal level. These include topics such as fear, shame, addiction, triggers, harmony, authentic transparency and being the change.

With a focus on energy, change and coming into harmony with your inner self Panache Desai’s message is powerful and life-changing, helping you to create the path to authenticity and true understanding of self.

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