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This book focuses on how to break the cycle of marriage and relationship addiction and live fabulously on your own or with a partner. We ll explain how to go through the grieving process for a relationship without falling apart, how to define healthy boundaries, how to recognize the good partners and steer clear of the bad ones, and how to live fabulously on your own. That includes getting comfortable in your own skin, understanding why one person can never fulfill all your needs, and how to meet and make new friends.



After Rihanna and Alanis Morissette and Amber Smith and Rachel Uchitel, we’ve all heard about love addiction people who feel they can only be happy when they are deep in an all-consuming love. There are a handful of books about it but no one has approached the subject of its equally damaging cousin marriage and relationship addiction. Relationship addicts are so in love with love that they continually move from one relationship to another, always on the rebound, never giving themselves time to heal and learn how to be independent. They go from relationship to relationship again and again, just to avoid feeling lonely or worse, to avoid feeling abnormal.

In healthy relationships, after the initial attraction where couples idealize and attach to each other, love matures and changes. However, people with relationship addiction never get past the initial stages of falling in love. They become dependent on their object of affection, hoping somehow these people will complete their lives and create a kind of happily ever after. Their expectations are unrealistic, so they are inevitably disappointed. Their relationships are ultimately never truly satisfying, yet they can’t seem to live without them.

The book will focus on how to break the cycle of relationship addiction and live fabulously on your own or with a partner. We’ll explain how to go through the grieving process for a relationship without falling apart, how to define healthy boundaries, how to recognize the good partners and steer clear of the bad ones, and how to live fabulously on your own. That includes getting comfortable in your own skin, understanding why one person can never fulfill all your needs, and how to meet and make new friends.


These two wise women unpack an obsession rarely explored "marriage addiction"with piercing honesty, deep empathy, and a huge dose of common sense and practical steps to recovery. For everyone who thinks they need a partner to be happy in life, this book is a lifeline.

Katherine Woodward Thomas New York Times bestselling author of Calling in The One


This is an important book. Sherry Gaba clearly identifies a common pattern in relationships and shows the negative results on relationships of self-abandonment.

Margaret Paul, PhD Co-Creator of Inner Bonding

Let Sherry help guide you to conscious hook-ups and relationships as you steer a course toward a more emotionally fulfilling life.

Melody Beattie Author of Co-dependent No More

Sherry Gaba has taken her already ground-breaking work on sobriety and codependency to new depths with this book. In my thirty years of recovery, I've seen relationship addiction destroy almost as many lives as substance use disorders.The two are not unrelated. The rigorous yet compassionate approach introduced by Sherry will support scores of women to recognize and begin to resolve their deadly obsession with marriage, love, and relationships.

Dawn Nickel, PhD Creator, She Recovers

This is a book that explains in detail why so many of us marry without knowing our motivations or those of the other person involved in the relationship. It further shows the reader the importance of understanding that continually repeating your actions with no satisfaction is what addiction is all about. Sherry Gaba and Beth Adelman have joined together to present the reader with a book that is so badly needed in today's society, where we all seem to be seeking pleasure without understanding the consequences of our choices. Together, they have gracefully presented their own experiences to demonstrate how easy it is to become a marriage junkie, and how to free yourself from continuing to be one. This book is a gift to all of us who are seeking a healthy intimate relationship. It is a must-read.

Joan S. Peck Author of Prime Threat - Shattering the Power of Addiction

Marriage addiction is seldom discussed, but is a crippling problem for so many who believe they are nothing without a partner. Sherry and Beth explore the roots of this addiction and offer a practical, empathetic, honest path to understanding, healing, and living fabulously on your own. This book is for everyone who thinks they need a partner to be happy.

Sunny Dawn Johnston Speaker, teacher, and author of The Love Never Ends and other books

Sherry and Beth look at marriage addiction, where it comes from, what drives it, and what can be done to break free, with honesty, empathy, and a huge dose of common sense. This book is for everyone who thinks they need a partner to be happy, or wants to know how to heal from past pain, live fabulously on your own, or choose the partner you truly deserve.

Dr. Ava Cadell Author and founder of

This is a thoughtful and generous book. Sherry Gaba's honest and insightful examination of the negative patterns in her own life offers hope to readers that they can escape the negative patterns in theirs.

Ethlie Ann Vare Author of Love Addict: Sex, Romance and Other Dangerous Drugs

Sherry Gaba is a gifted recovery personality who so generously and candidly shares from her own experience in this latest book. As both a professional and as someone who has struggled with many of the issues highlighted in the book, I trust Sherry's voice on these delicate subjects very much. The book, if approached with an open mind and open heart, will help you to do your own work and to grow in your healing and recovery.

Jamie Marich, PhD Clinician, Trainer, Author of Trauma and the Twelve Steps; Trauma Made Simple; Dancing Mindfulness; EMDR Made Simple; EMDR Therapy & Mindfulness for Trauma-Focused Care

Full of warmth and wisdom, psychotherapist Sherry Gaba's new book, is a valuable resource for anyone who is constantly looking for the perfect relationship. She offers practical advice for breaking the cycle of relationship addiction and shows readers how to build inner security and peace of mind.

Beverly Conyers Author of The Recovering Heart; Everything Changes; Addict in the Family

If you're ready to transform your love life, you need to read this book! With equal parts honesty and empowerment, Sherry Gaba shines a light on our addictive behavior in relationships. Best of all, she teaches us how to create the changes we want to make.

Lisa Sue Woititz Author of Unwelcome Inheritance: Break Your Family's Cycle of Unhealthy Behaviors

Sherry Gaba's new book is an important read for the relationship junkie.

Do you find yourself obsessing over a love interest or repeatedly experiencing extreme, frequent ups and downs in your marriage, marriages or relationships? By sharing personal and client experiences, Sherry helps readers understand marriage and relationship addiction and its root causes. She then provides a series of exercises to help readers determine the nature of their relationship obsessions, as well as steps and suggestions for creating the space in which they can heal and finally stop the vicious cycle.

Lisa Frederiksen Author, speaker, trainer, consultant Founder of and

The Marriage Junkie introduces the new concept of marriage addiction. Written with compassion, Sherry Gaba's style is engaging and easy to read. She describes the cycle of pain that relationship addicts suffer, which she herself experienced. The book delves into the causes and offers healing solutions.

Darlene Lancer Author of Codependency for Dummies and Conquering Shame and Codependency

This book is a must-read for anyone struggling with relationship issues, or for anyone who wants a great education on relationship dysfunctions. Sherry does a great job painting a clear picture of relationship dysfunction and gives the reader practical suggestions to deal with their issues. Anyone who reads this book will benefit tremendously!

Rosemary O'Connor Certified life and addiction coach, Author of A Sober Mom's Guide to Recovery

Certified life and addiction coach Author of A Sober Mom's Guide to Recovery

Many confuse obsession and care-taking with true love. In The Marriage and Relationship Junkie, Sherry Gaba does an excellent job of pointing out how they are different. She invites the reader to not only stop and look at their behavior patterns, but guides the reader through the tangles of pseudo-relationships to find an intimate relationship with heart.

Brenda Schaeffer Author of Is It Love or Is It Addiction?

We create relationships in our lives to fully study and express the issues within ourselves that need to be addressed. In Sherry Gaba's new book, she explores this truth and leads you to discover what you need to address personally, as opposed to what is wrong with them. In the final analysis, most couples come together to explore the same issues from different perspectives. When they both can be objective enough to realize this, real change can be experienced.

Dee Wallace Channel Author, actress, speaker


Sherry Gaba has written a powerful and yet easy to read book on the prison of relationship addiction. This books takes the reader through the sources and causes of this type of addiction. Unpeeling the layers not just of one's personal journey of relationships that have been founded in misunderstandings of one's needs, but the historical and inherited designs of relationships, we see that we may have made decisions about what relationships are by watching our grandparents and parents. She gently lets the reader understand that dysfunctional or unwise relationship choices may have come from our background as well as our own actions.

This book is a great addition to the study that any person in recovery could read to help them dig a little deeper into, what for many of us in substance recovery, is a co-occurring disorder. The exercises and affirmations are a great way to do some personal investigation at an emotional level, while the intellectual part of you absorbs the words.

Add this book to your library and read it! You will discover more about your self- damaging and self-denying patterns and learn that. . . it's time to put the focus on you and not the object of your obsession.

Kyczy Hawk Yoga Teacher and Author of Yogic Tools For Recovery and Yoga and the Twelve-Step Path, among others, specializes in teaching yoga in treatment centers and jails, is herself in long-term recovery

When Sherry talks I listen. Why? Because she brings together what she has learned from her personal recovery with her rich clinical expertise and experience and shares with us her deep wisdom. This book on relationships is a must read for anyone who wants to find a way to better connect with someone they care about.

Allen Berger, PhD Author of Love Secrets: Revealed, 12 Stupid Things that Mess Up Recovery, 12 Smart Things to do When the Booze and Drugs Are Gone, 12 Hidden Rewards of Making Amends, and 12 More Stupid Things that Mess Up Recovery

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