Query Into Consciousness about addictions, co-dependency and recovery by Kenji Kumara, M.A.

July 13, 2015

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We are in a time where we are being called to let go of the old ways of doing things, including therapy and healing, and to allow the new quantum models of Being, Knowing and Connection to anchor into culture and spirituality and religion.

If the old ways are not working anymore, or it is taking you 5 years of therapy and counseling and bodywork to get you to this place where you still are needing that “missing piece”, then you are in the right place to hear these words. That missing piece is the quantum, the quantum world of where anything is possible right here and now; where new choices from the soul echoe through the halls of your consciousness; where joy and love can replace fear, anger, frustration, depression, loneliness, grief, sadness and despair.

Do you know that bliss is your natural state of beingness? Do you know that joy is an expression of being in the zone, the flow, the Now? Do you know that you are not your symptoms, diseases and injuries? Do you know that you do not have to live in pain and suffering and stress?

The Query:

Why are you still in recovery?
Why is it so hard for you to change your situation?
Why do you feel you could go into relapse?
Why are you so out of control with your habits?

Are you conscious of your attitude towards your addictions?
And your emotional makeup?
Are you aware of the cause and effect relationship with your addictions?
What is your reason for your addictions?
How are they serving you, or not serving you?

Are you in denial and escape?
What are you running away from?
Are you afraid of yourself, your power, your truth?

How have you been hurt in your birthing process and/or your early childhood?
How were you abused in early childhood and adolescent years?
Were you bullied and picked upon?
Did you receive abuse from the church and school?
Were your parents undertanding of you?
Did they love you unconditionally?
Did they accept you unconditionally?
Did they see you for who and what you really are?
Did they support you on all levels to be who and what you are?
Did they support your vision of you, your life, your dreams and visions?

How are you psychic and sensitive – to others, the environment, know things others don’t, feel and see what others cannot?

Do you feel alone, afraid, powerless and not being able to fit in?
Do you stop yourself from fully expressing yourself?

(Did you know that one can have an addiction and co-depency to anything: alcohol, sex, people, power, job and status, food, exercise, noise, violence, criticism, clutter, meditation, money, busy-ness, doing for others, TV, scary movies, video games, gambling, street drugs, poverty, anything you can imagine – and they are all symptoms of the same cause – lack of belief in oneself)

What would happen if you could change your life?
How would that look like?

An explanation:

The world is in great turmoil and in the midst of a great transition and transformation on all levels of social and the environment. All are being challenged to heal their un-conscious patterns and limited belief systems. The energy of Change is upon us. What we do with that change is up to each one of us. We will either accept or reject the energy. No one can sit on the fence anymore and remain un-decided. We now must choose Love or Fear (Pain).

Our intent is now most powerful and our thoughts are manifesting quickly, for As Above, So Below, or What Comes Around, Goes Around. We are being called to rise out of the density of pain and suffering into the light of understanding and truth. We are being called to tap into and align to the greater part of ourselves, into that unseen part of us called Unlimitedness. We are being called to trust in the process of evolution while not consciously knowing what our next step is. We are being called to release our logical mind in favor of our infinite Beingness and Knowingness.

If the old ways of therapy don’t work anymore, there is a good reason why. It is time to align to the new therapy of mindfulness and being in the Here and Now. For in the NOW is the change we are seeking. In the NOW is the healing and the release from suffering, and suffering comes from being attached to the old ways of thinking and doing.

One could say that dis-eases, injuries and over-sensitivities comes from unexpressed thoughts and feelings held in the body from fear of being heard, seen and known. If energy is freely circulated and expressed, there is no illness, disease or stress. Judgment produces doubt and pain. What is right, what is wrong. If we eliminate all the Do’s, Should’s and Have To’s, life would be a much different outcome than we have now.

The Option:

Do you know you, and everybody else, is going through a huge personal transformation and change?
Do you know you are unique and equal and special in the Eye of God? Do you know that the Universe totally supports you in everything? Do you know you are lovable and a loving being?
Do you know you are Soul/Spirit and not a body, brain and mind?
Do you know that you are Eternal and Infinite?
Do you know you have a divine purpose, mission and goal?

We, as quantum-bridgers, can offer hope and a vision of what is possible in the Here and Now. We see you as an equal, unique and special in the Eye of our Creator. We offer guidance and a way IN into the dimensions of Self, into your world of attitudes, patterns, emotions and cellular realities. Imagine a life free of oblgations, restrictions, rules and regulations?

There is a way out of the mess but one has to be spiritually committed to a self help program that leads you forward, not sideways, into the realm of your essence, your blueprint, your matrix of discovery.

We guide you into the realm of possibility, of answers, of solutions beyond the brain, beyond the mind, beyond the personality. We can lead you into that realm of joy and love. And then, it is up to you to take that space and energy and apply it into your daily living, without effort, without trying, without stressing out.

The Way is possible, and it is easy and it is joyful. It is a way that we call Eternal Peace within every fiber of your Being.

Meditate in stillness for 5 minutes on these words;

Be still and know, I AM Peace (Love, Joy, Compassion)

Kenji Kumara, M.A. (Education)
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