Obsessive Love Assessment

Are you hooked on the feeling of falling in love?

Filling the Empty Heart: 5 Keys to Transforming Obsessive LoveDo you find yourself settling for what you want in a relationship so you don’t have to be alone?

If so, take this Love Addiction Quiz below to find out and get your Free Gift: Filling the Empty Heart: 5 Keys to Transforming Obsessive Love eBook.

Check the boxes that apply for you.

Are you obsessed with finding the kind of true love that's depicted in music, movies and books?

Have you ever found yourself getting into a relationship with someone you weren't that crazy about just because you didn't want to be alone?

Have you ignored a red flag when getting into a relationship thinking that it would get better?

Have you ever stayed with someone who disrespected you or treated you poorly?

Do you have a hard time being in a committed relationship and find yourself thinking about others once the excitement wears off?

Do you quickly jump back into dating after ending a relationship?

Do you find yourself engaging in sexual encounters just to feel the thrill of being desired when you are single?

Do you get all your self-esteem by the relationship you are in?

Do you find yourself changing your interests and personality just to be more likeable in new relationships?

Do you have a feeling of emptiness when away from your partner or lover?

Do you believe being in a romantic relationship is the only way you can feel joy?

Do relationships help fill the emptiness and voids in your life?

Have you had sex with someone just so they won't leave you or because you want to keep them interested?

Do you believe in love at first sight or soulmates?

Total "Yes" Answers: