David Persky, Ph.D., J.D

February 09, 2016
David Persky, Ph.D., J.D
Professor of Criminal Justice/Speaker Series Representative, Saint Leo University
February 9, 2016
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David Persky, Ph.D., J.D

I am pleased to write an endorsement of Sherry Gaba as a campus speaker for college-based audiences and I recommend her to you if you are considering an enlightened, engaging speaker with a strong message who relates well to college students. Sherry spoke at Saint Leo University as part of our Speaker Series and she did a marvelous job relating to our students and faculty and to the general public who attended her presentation.

Sherry Gaba brings her real world experiences to life for her audiences in a manner that is open and not condescending. Rather, she reveals her background and how her actions as a young woman resulted in consequences that put her in a place where she had to strive to regain a semblance of balance in her life and focus her goals to survive in a challenging world.

Sherry’s message resonated with our students, many who experiencing the same sort of life events as she did when she was in college. The message is powerful and can help college-age women avoid many of the negative consequences of irresponsible decisions about alcohol, other drugs, relationships and life in general.

Sherry Gaba is an energetic, engaging speaker with a valuable message. I heartily recommend her to you.

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