Jessica Hupf

February 09, 2016
Jessica Hupf
M.A., MFT Intern
February 9, 2016
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Jessica Hupf

JessicaI recently had the pleasure of attending Sherry Gaba’s presentation, Metaphysics Meets Recovery at Pepperdine University. Ms. Gaba’s presentation was intriguing, informative, and refreshing. Her style was professional, yet genuine and compassionate. I loved the way she blended the principles of the Law of Attraction in order to help those struggling with substance abuse.
Since substance abuse is such a devastating, critical problem in our society, it is definitely time for a fresh, new approach, and that is exactly what Sherry Gaba presents. I believe Ms. Gaba has found a profoundly meaningful way to reach this population.

I was so moved by this presentation, that I was actually inspired to apply the strategies Ms. Gaba was proposing, by utilizing them in my own life. I had just started a private practice but was not getting any calls. I reflected on what Ms. Gaba had proposed about utilizing positive affirmations, so I decided that I would begin to allow clients to find me and this became my new mantra. Low and behold, my phone started ringing and I had four potential clients within a few days!

This is a great example of how you can combine tenets of CBT with the Law of Attraction in order to change one’s thought patterns to be open to positive outcomes, and turn them into a reality. If these strategies can be implemented with people who are addicted to drugs/alcohol, it offers much needed new hope to so many struggling with this disease.

I am very much looking forward to reading her book and I am so grateful I had an opportunity to attend Ms. Gaba’s presentation. It is not only a great resource for people struggling with addiction, but also for mental health professionals as well. She is doing great work!

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