Using The Law Of Attraction To Change Codependency

June 16, 2017

In all aspects of life, the Law of Attraction lets us know that our thoughts about that issue are a direct precursor to what we will receive. Unfortunately, our thoughts are often counterproductive to what we want to accomplish, which creates a constant source of both frustration and repeated relationship patterns for those that are codependent.

The Codependent Cycle

In my book “The Law Of Sobriety,” I talk about how people I have worked with over the years have multiple challenges in their life. One of these is often codependency, where the person struggles to create an ideal relationship with a damaging, abusive, demanding partner.

Unfortunately, these codependent people have come to see themselves internally as the victim, constantly finding themselves in destructive relationships. The more they see themselves in this role, the more they cannot see themselves in any other role, so the message they are presenting to the universe and those around them is the very message that is causing their current problem.

They have incredible doubt about themselves as people, even when in a relationship. There is always that little voice in their head saying, “You know this is all you deserve, you know this is the best you can do, you know you are going to mess this up.”

The reality is that the relationship is already doomed. The partner has no interest in sustaining the relationship in any form other that to get his or her needs met. Unless this reality changes and the codependent person sees his or herself worthy of change, nothing positive can happen.

Making the Change

Seeing yourself as a whole, complete and self-sustaining individual is hard for a person who is codependent. It starts with little steps, in seeking help from a counselor, coach or therapists that can work with you to see the real you.

Stopping that endless negative message loop in your head is the first step. Then, by replacing it with a positive image of what you want in your life, it is possible to tap into the energy of the Universe around you. This won’t happen overnight, but the change is dramatic and powerful, creating just what is needed to move forward in a healthy, positive way.

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