action-planToday I want to do a little something together. You’re going to need a pen and paper, because we are going to write our action plans for the day (if you’re reading this at night, go ahead and do tomorrow’s).

As a codependent, one of the things I tend to do is procrastinate. Some things don’t seem as important, and they go to the bottom of my list. Something as simple as doing the dishes will be left for days, because I live alone and it doesn’t bother me, so why do them? Beyond that, I forget to do things I had planned, or I plan to do too much, and then berate myself for not getting it all accomplished. Making an action plan has helped me remain accountable to myself for the things I want to do, and it helps me adjust my goals if I find that something stays on my plan for more than a few days. When this happens, I look at the task, and see if I can break it into smaller, more completable goals that won’t discourage me.

So, get your pen and paper, and write down all of the things you would like to accomplish today, big or small. Do you need to run an errand, or complete a project at work? Add it to the list! Try to do what you can on it during the day, but remember to be kind to yourself if you don’t complete something – this isn’t a binding contract! Try to do this for the next three days. After that, check in with yourself. Do you need to break a goal into smaller tasks? Go ahead! As you complete tasks and mark them off of your action plan, give yourself a cheer, because no matter what it is, it was worth accomplishing, and it is worth celebrating.