good-luckHi everyone. Today I want to talk about the idea of enjoying the good days. I know it sounds like a simple, self-explanatory topic, but for a lot of us, it can be a daunting thing to have a good day!

For a long time, as love addicts and codependents, we lived in fear and misery. Nothing was going right in our lives. We tried to control, but the chaos just grew stronger. We felt let down by others, and by our higher powers, and also by ourselves. For some of us, it may have taken a long time to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Because there is one.

Recovery is not something you go into to find a cure to make yourself magically better. It is a lot of hard, emotional work, and for that reason we each take it at our own pace. A lot of days are struggles, and many of them do not fall under the category of good days. But the beauty is that we start to actually have good days. Before, we had no good days. Now, we find that we are having one or more a week! It’s thrilling. But it also comes with anxiety.

For us, good feelings might not have lasted long at all. Whenever we had a good feeling, or a good day, or had something really wonderful happen, it was following by the proverbial other shoe dropping. We have been trained to expect dark after the light, rather than the light after the dark. It’s a hard habit to break, and one that I still find myself doing here and there. None of us are perfect!

But we should celebrate our good days! For one, we can celebrate that we have them. And two, it will help us see that a good day is a good day, and a bad day after it doesn’t have to spoil my good day today. We can take it one day at a time, and enjoy our good day. When we let anxiety cloud our good times, we lose out on enjoying the good. It’s scary to have a bad day, but it is just that – a bad day. There will be another day after it, and it may be great! By savoring our good days, we can have something to look forward to. We know that they are possible! And we can see them happen more and more as we work through our recovery. Good days don’t have to be daunting – they can be just that – a good day!