Khloe, Rob, & Kim Kardashian

Kardashian continues to be in the news with his outrageous behavior and supposed bouts of mental instability. Rob is the younger brother of Kim (Kardashian with sisters Kourtney and Khloe).

As a member of the Kardashian clan he became ‘famous’ by default appearing in reality TV shows. I am not one who watches much television or reads the tabloids so my firsthand knowledge of this family comes from the astrology charts.

As an astrologer I am here to shed a little light into the personality of Rob Kardashian. I am not here to diagnose or judge his behavior; I am here to help us understand who he is at a deeper soul level.

Rob as born on March 17, 1987 in Los Angeles, CA with a potential birth time of 2:30 pm. This makes him a Pisces Sun sign with a Moon sign of Libra and a Leo rising (an accurate rising sign is obtained by knowing the exact time of birth, which allows insight into how one approaches life).

As with Pisces compassion, sensitivity, imagination, and gentleness come to mind. So does suffering, emotional limitations, self-imposed confinement and mental confusion with the strong potential of feeling lost and abandoned — for these reasons many of us with a strong Pisces influence turn toward substance abuse: often times the Soul feels lost and unloved seeking ways to escape into it owns reality.

Rob’s Pisces Sun is located in the 8th house which is associated with deep psychological wounds and the potential of psychotic behavior, obsessions and jealousies. His Sun is further challenged with a hard aspect to the planet of freedom and outrageous/eccentric behavior. Rob knows that by acting out, it is the only way he will get attention. Being a Leo rising, providing his birth time is correct, Rob appears to crave attention, yet karmically the universe is asking him to remain private and to keep his personal affairs to himself while working more so behind the scene.

As indicated with his Libra Moon, from an emotional standpoint Rob just wants to fit in and have a partner to share his life and success with. He feel singled out being the only male in the family with no sense of collaboration, a must for most Libra energy. His need for relationship is further defined between the energy of his Sun and Moon — he was born shortly after a full Moon phase. These people always favor involvement in relationships issues, good or bad.

The need for satisfaction in relationships becomes distorted when the union is not presumed ‘ideal’. His instinct currently is to withdraw, rather than to seek the awareness of how his own conscious behavior is negatively impacting his personal associations. His relationship issues will be a life-long theme for him unless he is willing to be much more objective about the needs of others and comes to terms with any opposing forces. His own behavior sets the tone for the outcome of his dealings with others.

Rob’s soul intention forces him to try to understand others, yet independently forge ahead in pioneering his own spirit to define success. He wants everything to be ‘fair’, although we know; life is not always kind and fair as we must all live out our own dharma. Rob is not supposed to have the same opportunities as his famous sister Kim, yet there is no doubt these two are absolute soulmates with their Sun-Moon connections (kim’s chart).

No matter how much he whines to feel equal, his drive for success is proven in his ability to go ‘deep within’ and overcome any compulsive behavior. Once Rob is able to trust his own impulses and nurture himself, he will then best recognize his potential. By doing so he will have an amazing ability to help transform and heal the lives of others when he gains in age. Unfortunately, for now, he keeps getting in his own way with his need to be different and rebellious, instead of using his uniqueness to charge ahead and transform any family patterning.

In astrology we look to the feminine planet of Venus to see how one attracts love and abundance to gain in self-worth. The planet Mars describes our ambition and what drives us out of bed in the morning. Mars is masculine and also shows our sexuality. These two planets in Rob’s chart do not take kindly to each other. Rob may have a hard time identifying with his own eccentric sexuality with a strong need for intimate pleasure. He seeks the love of another clearly on his own terms.

His aloofness and sudden need for space, along with his stubborn determination to have things his way, and by harshly judging others, does not allow for lasting harmony. With his father leaving the family when Rob was quite young (age 3-4) and passing away when Rob was 16, he lacked the fatherly influence that would have allowed him to process these rigid and dispassionate feelings on how to deal with his manhood, that would lead to a healthier self-image.

I also have to wonder how long he has known of the gender issues with the fatherly figure (Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner) that he has been exposed to since his young childhood that may have had more of a negative impact on him that he is even aware or conscious of. I might imagine that a variation of these issues is at the root of Rob’s erratic behavior that is playing out in his own relationships and unpredictable conduct.

I would like to think that Rob will soon move beyond his self-loathing and take this opportunity to share his wisdom with the masses. He is reaching a point in this life where he will be able to spiritually grow and use his own creative energy to express his insight to help others. First me must move beyond his first Saturn return in 2017.

Linda Furiate is an Addictions Coach, consulting Astrologer, Reiki I&II, Inspirational Guide and the founder of Of Universal Mind, a website decided to helping others find their true spirit through one’s natal chart. Her practice is located in Columbia, MD and she offers astrological consultations and readings to a worldwide clientele via the phone or Skype. Linda is available for consultation and may be reached through her website, Of Universal Mind and by phone at 443-794-5087.