gratitudeAs I was scrolling through Facebook the other day, I saw how many people have continued the trend to state daily what you are grateful for. I love seeing people post about their friends, kids, partner, pets… you name it. Everyone is grateful for just about anything. This made me wonder about how everyone has something that they can be grateful for, if they take the time to pay attention.

So this is my challenge, let’s extend the ‘what I am grateful for today’. Almost everyone has heard about a gratitude journal, but I think it’s fun to create a gratitude box. This is a project that many of my clients love to do this time of year. It’s a great way to find balance, get centered and grounded. Plus it’s fun!

Create A Gratitude Jar

Items Needed:

  • Box (shoe box, wooden box, any type of box that has a lid)
  • Paper & Pen (post its, markers, colored paper, the sky is the limit!)
  • Creativity
  • Open Mind

Keep it simple and write down one thing that you are grateful for each day on a post it note, use different colors and have fun! I am writing down the date on the post it as well, that way when I am having a bad day, I can reach in my gratitude box and read some of the many things that I have been grateful for in the past. This simple reminder can instantly turn my day around.


  1. Look for things around you that bring you pleasure, joy, comfort and warm feelings. They can be as simple as a beautiful sunset to as life changing as a loving, supportive partner.
  2. Start your note with the words “I give thanks for…” or “I am grateful for…” this will help keep you embrace the positive feelings that gratitude will bring into your life.
  3. Take it one step further and if you are grateful for a person in your life, let them know. Send them a thank you card, a quick email or a message on Facebook. Gratitude and positive energy is contagious… spread the joy!

Try this for a month or so and let me know how it goes. Can’t wait to hear about what you are grateful for!